Popular Messages & Videos

Listen to a 40-minute audio message as Nancy shares her journey of managing  depression and anxiety through the victorious power of Jesus Christ.

Nancy shares a 30-minute audio message about the waves of God’s grace that she experienced while raising teenage foster boys and coming to grips with her own painful childhood.

In this 10-minute video, Nancy shares her struggle and victory as she learned to forgive her childhood sexual perpetrator. She teaches that forgiveness is both a decision and a process.

This full-length message provides an overview of the STOP and Be Still series while sharing some of Nancy story of how God brought her from a place of “staying busy to not think” and learning to “STOP and Be Still.”

This deeply personal 5-minute video promotes “The Door of Hope” Bible study which is designed for women who were sexually abused as children.

In this 6-minute video, Nancy talks about her struggle to overcome perfectionism and seek approval from God and not others.

STOP and Be Still Series

Roadblocks to Being Still with God

Just Breathe

Is that you, God?

S.T.O.P. and Be Still

Be Still and Get Real…Lament

The Perfect Place